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Representative paintings. Some will be in the show
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Grief /Tile Painting/ c.1959   Self-portrait /oil/ c.1939   Bread Sellers /Tile Painting c.1961
 Sisters /Tile Painting/ c.1958   Guitar Player /Resist-Ink-Watercolor/ 2002   Sailing The River /Resist-Ink-Watercolor/ 2002
Arlington, Vermont /oil/ c.1938   A Quiet Place /oil/ c.1939   Gypsies/Tile Painting/ c.1957
The Farmers / Resist-Ink-Watercolor/  2002   Day's Catch / Resist-Ink-Watercolor/  2002   Observers, Observed/Tile Painting/ c.1970
Fishmonger /Tile Painting/ c.1953   Letter From Home /Tile Painting/ c.1963   War's Toll / Watercolor Sketch / c.1944
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